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Who is The Oracle of Change?

As a Philosopher I spent 5 years working with Jacobo Grinberg, the famous and controversial Mexican researcher, investigating the electrophysiological correlates of consciousness. I was key in the development of several of the most important experiments in the laboratory, including one called "The Transferred Potential" in which we were looking for the correlation in brain activity of two persons who had a previous interaction, we found that when one of the subjects was being presented with flashes, the brain of his partner reacted too, even without receiving the visual information (they were separated, in different Faraday cages). I was also a member of the Philosophical investigations Institute and of the Cognitive Sciences Group of the same University, where I began to polish what later became my personal view about philosophy and science.

I call this view Model Dependent Ontology, it is an epistemic framework where all human beliefs can be weighted for their value. A book on this is coming soon, as well as a series of practical tools created from its postulates. With these we can see how and why some theories (models, maps) are better than others, which helps us to have a more solid position in any field.


The Ontology of Change is based on my learning when developing Model Dependent Ontology. I help you to analyse your particular situation in any field, and with the help of the Book of changes (the I Ching) you will be able to see the best path ahead of you.

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